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John Goodey

k-12 Anyone using EN for meeting agendas, minutes, tracking actions?

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I am completely new to Evernote. I am looking for a way for my Senior Management Team (Principal, that's me, and 4 other leaders in school) to use our new iPads to record minutes, agendas, track actions etc. Does anyone else use EN for this kind of thing? At the moment it looks like I can subscribe to a premium account and invite my team members allowing them to modify the notebook. Am I going along the right lines? Are their other apps I should be looking at?

All advice very welcome, John

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To make it easier than typing, I'd go to the "Trunk" on Evernote.com and find a handwriting recognition app that drops the text into Evernote. It might help acclimate the minute-takers to the new media if they are still allowed to write with a pen. If you really want to keep the paper, etc., you could pick up one of those LiveScribe pens...

Creat a notebook for the "Admn Meeting Minutes" and then make sure to use tags along the way. These can especially help if you discuss important topics that were not on the agenda. Keep it to simple tags, like "Attendance," and you will find them quickly. You can use many tags per doc, but you don't want to make it tougher to find. Remember you can also run searches on notebooks, so if you have a separate notebook for "Professional Development" and a few files are tagged for "In-Service in August," you can also use that tag in the meeting minutes if discussed. Before you get too far, I'd also create a notebook for "summary minutes" in case you need to share them with a school board or parents org. They don't need the nitty-gritty details, right? Maybe assign a 2nd minute-taker to summarize after approval of minutes.

Sharing is huge for minutes. You are definitely thinking about it the right way. Contact Evernote for school-based premium accounts. You will probably end up getting your entire faculty on board with Evernote in the near future. (Don't worry, some teachers probably have it on their iPhones already.) I use it every day and find new ways about every week. I have it on my iPhone and my Kindle Fire. I also log-in to web-based on my computer at work for when I'm on the phone and need to take notes on the conversation. You can also ask your people to keep a log of contact with parents, including calls and e-mails. Our minutes are still taken by hand in meetings, but the files are sent for review by e-mail. I send to my evernote e-mail and tag for "to dos" from the discussions.

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