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paperless Just bought Plustek MobileOffice AD450 scanner, need pdf manual

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Hi all,

If someone knows where I can get the manual and ideally the bundled software then please let me know. (I've contacted their support but not had a reply).

I'm really happy with it. I know It's a bit slower than the Scansnap models, but it works really well & I'm very happy with the quality, and for 60 Euros I can't complain :)

What I'm missing is either printed or PDF manual, and also the bundled Abbyy FineReader Sprint Plus which can add the OCR data. Apparently the rest of the bundled software isn't that good.

Currently I've got it configured to create PDFs in my evernote import folder, and then I let evernote OCR it, but I've read people prefer to do their own OCR before importing to EN. So I'd like to at least try doing the OCR generation before importing to EN, just to see the difference.

Thanks in advance,


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