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android (Archived) (Archived) Can't edit in-line on Kindle fire

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Whenever I try to edit a note on my Fire I find I cannot edit in-line. I enter edit mode, tap a location, and the nearest word in the text appears in an edit window at the bottom of the note.

This means I cannot support outlines or modify other content. Something similar happens on my android phone but it seems to pick up more text.

Is this an outline issue? Is it unique to the fire/android?

So far the most useful Evernote feature to me, besides syncing, is the outlining. I haven't begun to investigate templates yet, but if they work well and I can get this editing issue resolved, I will upgrade to premium.

Any help on this please?


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Editing complex document content, including rich text, is an issue for most of the Evernote mobile clients, currently, and still a work in progress. For some text, Evernote can edit inline, for others, it needs to drop into the edit window. There's discussion in the Android forum on the topic, if you care to search; it includes Evernote staff commentary.

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