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mac (Archived) REQUEST: Show hidden note content

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Is there a way for me to show the "invisibles" or the "document source" while I am editing the body of a note?

Given that some notes may have some incumbent formatting (imported from OneNote, copied in from an HTML doc, etc) it is not clear what the document formatting for a particular line, character space, etc is -- I would love to be able to see, control, and troubleshoot why a section of content is not formatting properly.

I have tried to use the "SIMPLIFY FORMATTING" but for several cases, it did not work. EG: take a note that exists in EN that has formatted HTML on it. Try to paste in some text (flattened in TEXTEDIT or TEXTWRANGLER) at the top of the note and I would expect that "plain text" would flow across the width of the open window. It does not. it appears to flow within a cell of a table that is about 100px wide. It's like there is a hidden table there.

Now, I can scroll to the bottom of the same doc, paste in the same text, and it will flow as expected across the whole screen. Copy and paste that text to the top of the screen again gives the constrained column effect.

So, If I was in MSWD, TEXTWRANGLER, BBEDIT, etc -- I can see the "hidden" characters. If I was in a browser, I could select "show source" and get the insight on what coding was behind the scenes so that I could see where certain formatting was happening.

Is this possible in the text editor section of EN (mac)?

TIA ..

Giant Mike

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There is no such functionality in any of the Evernote clients, the Mac client included. There is at least one third-party tool that allows you to see the actual note content: ENML Editor.

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Thanks Jeff, I appreciate the response and the link .. Maybe we can get this on the FEATURE REQUEST list for EN.

Is there a "RADAR" (fogbugz, trak, etc) for EN to submit such a feature request?

Thanks again ..


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There is not. Generally speaking, all posts here are read by Evernote staff, who may also reply, and/or file an actual feature request. This particular issue has been asked for, before, not sure where it stands in terms of actual implementation by Evernote; they don't usually give out details of their planned roadmap.

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