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k-12 ideas for sharing notebooks?

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My brain is a little fried from overthinking this, but I am trying to find a way to have a shared notebook (no teachers on my team use Evernote) that we can keep as a repository for ideas/info/files. For example, I would love to have a bunch of notebooks that I can share, but that they cannot edit, since I don't want anything overwritten. So I would have it as view only when I set it up. But I would like them to be able to add to the shared notebook.

Is this possible other than having them email it to my Evernote address with the @ and # to tag/notebook it?

I know I am probably overthinking and overlooking an easy way to do this....


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If you are not concerned about the security of the information in the read only notebooks then just publish them as Public Read and advertise the urls. This works for everyone and does not require that readers have an Evernote account.

Advertising your Evernote email address would also work for non-Evernote users but runs the risk input errors from the mailers and spamming of your account if the address becomes too widely known. You would need to do regular reviews of new notes to fix any errors. You could search for e.g. "created:day-1 source:mail.smtp" to find new emailed notes created since yesterday.

Any more direct updates by other users of your shared notebook would require that:

  • You have a premium Evernote account
  • Other users have at least free Evernote accounts

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