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paperless Possibly minor point about where to put the date in title

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Since I love to count the numbers of angels on heads of pins here is my latest gripe. I noticed that many here like to preface their titles with the date eg: "20120304 Blue Cross invoice" or "2012-March-23 Fujitsu receipt." I've found that one slight annoyance about this is that the date takes up so much of the title space that when you peruse through the center pane in EN, all you see is the date and not the rest of the title. The only way to see the entire title is to drag the pane to a larger size (which I prefer not to do since it constricts the workspace to the right of it). The solution is to put the date at the end of the title and not the beginning (if you have to have a date at all). By doing this you will still be able to see the article title but not the date (which is fine by me in almost all cases). This renders the center panel view far more helpful for folks such as myself who like to scroll through their notebooks or their search results in the central panel and see meaningful results. Since I am just starting to scan in thousands of entries this small modfication seemed worth commenting on.

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I haven't had this problem. I usually limit my keywords to three or four. I would really like it if we could just have the title instead of the content displayed. Maybe someday :)

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The date code in title really hampers me whenever I use my iPod. But because the entire process is so slow on the 1-year old device, I seldom use the mobile app.

Almost all of my notes that have the date code preface are for my personal action items, tasks, reminders, and appointments.

I do not use the date code preface on my web captures.

For my needs, there is a solution to the date taking up too much real estate in the title.

The solution?

Evernote needs to figure out how to create the long-awaited Due Date field.

If there is a Due Date field, I would not put the date in the title anymore and I would be able to read the contents of the title in my future (and hopefully) faster mobile device..

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I do not use EN for todos and such but when I use it for storing information I use a set of tags to group things chronologically. For instance, my lab report from the doctor is my Reference/Medical notebook and has the tags: 01-January and 2012 (as well as Labs, Medical and Jim). This lets me use tags to find certain months, years, or family members. Of course add in Search and I can find anything in there.

I'm not sure the view you are using, but I often use the Snippet view with Notebooks and/or Tags open on the far left as needed, the list of notes in the center and individual notes on the right. In the center pane I see a title which could be "Jim Lab Report 2012-03-08" and under that I see:

03/08/12 03-March, 2012, Jim, Labs, Medical

which is all the information I need.

idoc, is there something specific you are looking for that a tag or search could accomplish or do you absolutely need the title and date in the title field of the note? I find that usually if I step back and see what I need, instead of how to bend steel to do it the way I want to, I can find another solution -- especially with Evernote since it's so flexible in many ways.

I hope something here helps someone find their perfect system - it's different for each of us!

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deverill makes a good point about evaluating what one wants to accomplish and then finding a way within the system.

My naming convention starts with "YYYY.MM.DD - ". I then use a uniform naming structure for the remainder of the file or note, and relavent to others of its kind. For example, all gas bills might look like "YYYY.MM.DD - Gas - Bill". This structure allows me to then write notes or create files from the gas company that might not be bills but hold to a similar naming structure, such as "YYYY.MM.DD - Gas - Newsletter".

This kind of structure can be useful to use in conjunction with a tag "Gas". Then I get a list of notes with similar naming. I can put them in date order very easily and pick out the item in question. I think this would also work nicely in an educational setting.

If I also wanted to track all receipts for automobile gas purchases, I could use "Fuel" in the naming structure and "Fuel" as the tag.

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