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android (Archived) Looking for cost effective android phone

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a cheap android phone.

I use corporate sync for email.

Once a week or so I use maps/navigator.

I need a Dual SIM phone that unlock.

That's about it. I search by google and found the Hero H9, which satisfies my demands. What do you think of this? Any resources would be appreciated!

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Seems pretty good value, but I have no experience of that model. I'd be interested in the 2MP camera - does it have options to drop resolution to something like 640x480? That's about .3MP which is rubbish in photographic terms, but all you need for Evernote note taking. Higher quality is also OK but uses up more upload capacity than you need and may give you bigger pictures..

Not sure about the "TFT resistive" touch screen - that may be OK for your use but I don't think that's the system that most of the major manufacturers use. And factor into your price that you WILL need the biggest TF (micro SD) extension card that you can get (up to 16GB) - the 228MB onboard memory seems a bit basic.

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