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android (Archived) New Version for Android - For China and Egypt???

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So... Evernote is releasing a version of Evernote JUST for people living in totalitarian states? Egypt? China?

What, does this one phone your notes home to the police?

Not happy with the seeming implications of this...

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are you referring to the product page?


it could have been phrased better, but doesn't the fact that it is available to you and everyone else mean that it is compatibile with the languages, or that it is able to be sold in the app markets there? i don't think it means anything sinister.

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We didn't want to add some obscure technical details, but that's related to the in app billing.

Since we have integrated Google checkout in Evernote, the app cannot be downloaded in some countries such as China and Egypt. Google doesn't distribute paid app in those countries.

This version uses the web billing and can be downloaded everywhere.

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