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mac (Archived) Viewing issue in fullscreen


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  1. 1. would you like to see tags in fullscreen view?

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It used to be you could easily see the tags a note had in snippet, list, or thumbnail view. You could even edit them after just one click onto the desired note. Snippet view was the best because you could see a shortened list of tags on every note without clicking anywhere.

But since you only have one view option in fullscreen you can't do that anymore. I think Evernote should add all three views back into fullscreen, but give each of them an update for the interface, just like the one they have now. But most importantly I think they should show a list of the tags of every note on the thumbnail. Maybe in-between the title and content, like they are in snippet view. It would save me and hopefully many others a lot of time by not having to double click to check tags.

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