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k-12 Using Evernote to reduce my paperwork

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Originally posted on my blog here (complete with images):


Previously I've used Evernote to keep checklist records of students who have returned their communication folders, those who've recorded their daily reading and those who have returned permission notes and such.

This year I’m going a bit further by using Evernote as a digital portfolio of student work and assessment.

My goal is to, ultimately, have a very complete record of student capabilities when it comes time for report writing and parent interviews. (It’ll also be handy so that I don’t have to cart workbooks to and from school – always a bonus!)

I’ve set up notebooks for each student in my class so that I can add the following items throughout the year:

  • writing samples (once a month)
  • reading samples, audio (at least 2)
  • running records
  • assessment pieces across the curriculum (as completed)
  • anecdotal records
  • behaviour logs

The majority of this work will be collected as a photo (taken on my ipad) and stored as a new note in each student’s notebook. I’m also going to make use of the audio note taking to record students reading.

Finally, I’ve also started using it to store all of my PD notes, meetings, and ideas for my classroom. This is where the tags option becomes very useful, being able to sort through notes according to my needs.

It's going to be a work in progress (school doesn't start here until the 1st of February) and I anticipate that I'll modify and add to many aspects that I've mentioned.

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