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holidays How are you using Evernote to make good on your New Year's resolutions this year?

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Discuss ways that you are putting Evernote to use this year to keep on track with your resolutions. Note your goals, track your progress, clip web research, capture moments of inspiration.

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My new year's resolutions started early in December - there's an ungainly spare tyre inflating somewhere about my person, so I need to go back to the gym and try to get some muscle groups I've been ignoring for a while to stop arguing amongst themselves and get with the programme.

Being of a generally lazy and hazy disposition I tend to have trouble remembering what settings I had on the various shiny pain inducers last time, and how long I managed to hold out before collapsing unmanfully into an unattractive sweaty heap.

Along comes Evernote for Android, which helps me with my little list of targets for today. It's a sort of "to do" list with me as both the subject and the object of the list. I don't blame you Evernote - I know it's not you, it's definitely me....

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I plan to use Evernote as I have been so far but possibly with more innovation as Evernote and it's partners deliver more and more features. Today, I use e-mail integration, LiveScribe pens (with synchronization), and my premium Evernote account to document, store, and share my notes. I've long since dropped the notion that documentation needs to be in the form of a stodgy word processor format. Of course, there are still documentation products that require a formal looking format but all my preparation starts by collecting up research and writing snippets in Evernote. If only I had discovered all this before grad school.

As I start to prepare for the New Year, I'm revisiting all my major initiatives and expectation lists for my staff to produce the annual plan which I'll probably just publish out of Evernote.

FYI: I've actually discussed my personal productivity suite including Evernote on my company's blog @ http://www.peer1.com/blog/2011/08/a-productivity-suite-fit-for-a-dev-boss/.

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