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mac (Archived) GUIDE: How to Import all your existing Instapaper Items to Evernote

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After some searching and not finding how to import all my existing instapaper articles I decided to work it out.

Warning: This worked for me but use at your own risk. I can't see what might go wrong but you never know.

Please note, depending on the amount of Instapaper items you may need a Evernote premium account if you wish to make all your articles synced.

The script will parse each URL from your Instapaper account though Instapaper Mobalizer before adding it to your Evernote notebook to tidy things up a little. The page title of the website becomes the note title.

I have included the details of the process over on my blog http://www.wikinixi.com/?p=148 but to summarise you do the following:-

  1. Export a CSV file of all your instapaper articles.
  2. Create a txt file containing all the URL's
  3. Run the text file through an applescript that will mobalize your articles before inserting in to evernote.

Please let me know your thoughts.

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Thanks for the idea.

I've found it useful to save those "read maybe" articles to Instapaper and read them there. Then, if I want to keep them, I can open the URL as a single page and save them to Evernote using the Safari clipper.

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