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That's great!

But will it help clients written in JavaScript? In particular a Chrome packaged app is written entirely in HTML5 (including JavaScript) so there's no server component.

I've looked through the Thrift wiki, but I'm having reading it. From what I can tell there's no real plan to implement the TBinaryProtocol in JavaScript, this excludes an important language for client-side development!!!


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The Evernote API does not support Javascript. However, we have a project started by our community that created node.js bindings for our API:


I was reading through the Evernote Syncronization via EDAM v 1.0.5 March 7 2011.

And I quote on pg 5 (Section 1 EDAM Overview):

"3. Thin clients make direct use of the API over the HTTP gateway to view or manipulate the state

of the user’s account directly. This may include the clipper(s), JavaScript web clients (via an

ASCII transport), or external partners/integrations."

Suggesting JavaScript...

was this just an oversight or mistake?

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FYI - I've started my own javascript "bridge" to Evernote. I'm calling it jEvernote for anyone that is interested. It will have several enhanced features including:

  • the ability to handle multiple accounts,
  • automatically encrypt sensitive information (SSN, credit card #s, etc) found in notes
  • support for Note templates,
  • the ability to tag stacks and notebooks (so any note placed inside them receives the parent container's tags by default)
  • support for "Dynamic content" (yes that means javascript, jQuery, etc within the notes)
  • tools to help move/copy stacks/notebooks between Evernote accounts
  • support for multi-selection of Stacks/Notebooks in order to export multiple notebooks at the same time
  • additional features include advanced table and grid support along with many other "widgets" not currently supported in Evernote

This will be available to Mac users in the near future.

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Hi all,

Regarding a library to integrate JavaScript with Evernote, I'd like to let you know that there is in fact a ready one available for public use. While writing the KanMeet for Chrome app, Kanda Software had to write a small JavaScript library to encapsulate Evernote API. The folks over at Evernote asked us to release it into open source domain and we obliged.

You can find it at:


If you're interested in the KanMeet app, which integrates your Google Calendar with your Evernote notebooks, you can check it out at:



the Kanda Software Team

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Hi Katya,

I'm really interested in using that API for next Evernote Hackathon, but it's next saturday (in 2 days). Could you help me in any way with that ?

I'm using meteor.com framework and want to use your library!


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Hi Gabriel,

We're so sorry to get back to you with such a delay. Had we had a bit more than two days notice we could have helped you in time for Evernote Hackathon. Could we still help you in any way? If you have any questions I can connect you to our developer over Skype or email. If you have any recommendations or improvements, please feel free to email Yury Shamrey at yury.shamrey@kandasoft.com and he can answer questions.

Best of luck!

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I'm building a web app that runs on meteor js and having issues with Evernote api integration.
I've downloaded kandasoftware/evernote-sdk-js but the test app is not running. Will pleeeease need your help here. What does the scope parameter mean in  src\main\resources\javascript\



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