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android (Archived) Feature Request: Call Notes

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I need to make call notes regularily on the phone.

Especially when you do anything that has legal implications - you need to note the time and date of calls, then the person you spoke to.

I want an App that does this on my Android, and is cloud based so that I can add/edit notes on my computer when I am at the office.

Ideally it would also integrate with Skype, Gtalk, Gmail etc so it is really easy to record call notes.

Happy to have Android app that records call log to cloud and then allows me to make call notes,

or connect call notes to a call in log.

Eg usage

Make call on Android - Create note in Evernote (web/Windows) to record call.

Then after call finishes, your call record pops up in Evernote "call note" screen - you can attach note to call (ie. Contact record/ Phone Number record)

Maybe asks you for the name of the owner of the phone number if this is not in your address book already.

Add tags to note for easy finding/ relating to case after

Similar App, without Cloud or organisation:https://market.android.com/details?id=com.aps.callnote&hl=en


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You could do this, but at a more difficult method.

First install an app that allows you to record calls. Then make a new note, add the information in it, attached the recorded audio file and save and sync.

Now you have a note that has what you wanted.

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Would be great to see a feature like this integrated into Evernote :)

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Try Total Recall by KillerMobile. Doesn't work with all phones (eg HTC One V) but works with Samsung Galaxy S.

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