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firefox (Archived) EN FireFox Clipper Mac Makes Changing Font Size Unusable

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The Mac FF Clipper makes changing the font size on the entire note unusable.

Steps to Recreate

  1. Clip almost any web page/site by selecting the text of interest and clicking on the EN Clip Button.
  2. This creates a new Note with the clipped text.
  3. Select the entire Note.
  4. Change the font and font size to a larger size that originally on the clipped text.

This results in much of the Note having sections where the text and/or images overlaps/overprints.

It is as if the EN Clipper changes the web page HTML tables to be of fixed height based on the web page font size.

I usually get a much better result if I do a more manual process:

  1. Select the text on the web page
  2. Copy to clipboard (CMD+C)
  3. Create EN from Clipboard (CMD+CTRL+V)
  4. Go back to Web page and select/copy the URL
  5. Go to EN and select/paste into the EN URL field.

Here is an example:

Web Page: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/news/software/3322344/parallels-desktop-vs-boot-camp-which-is-best-for-running-windows-on-mac/

Select from the start of the article Title down to the end of the article

Screenshot after changing font to Verdana 14


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