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Jamie Todd Rubin

paperless Using Evernote to remember when things happened

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I have dabbled in journaling over the years but never been very committed. I had diaried a few years, when I was young (junior high/HS). Alas, I think those initial diaries are no longer of this world.. My most prolific journal, oddly enough, was my "jog log". I started jogging/running in 1977 (I think?) back when Dr. Kenneth Cooper's "Aerobics" book was popular. He suggested keeping a log of your exercise, how you felt during the exercise & anything else that may have impacted the task. That's when I started logging exercise & the natural progression was to add notes about anything worth remembering from the day. I kept all kinds of tallies (how far I ran this week/month/year compared to last year, what my running goals were, etc.) as well as memorable (or maybe just notable) events that happened. I maintained that journal for several years. It was comprised of Xerox copies of a master page I'd drawn by hand (grid), run through a 3 hole punch & put into a 3 ring binder. :) I eventually scanned all these pages & tossed the original. (After abandoning the hard copy, I'd maintained this info in Excel (~1990's?) & then later (~the two oh oh's) segued to apps designed for the task.) I also had another journal I'd started that was more of a gratitude journal. When I went paperless, I scanned it & tossed the original.

Now that I have a Garmin GPS watch for my runs, I use software that integrates with satellite maps. The software (Sporttracks) will show the satellite area of my run & overlay the route I ran. I will take a screen cap of the image & put it into EN & add a tag designating the distance range of that run. My running path tags are 05-09 miles, 10-14 miles, 15-19 miles, etc. This is especially neat (IMO) when training for long distance runs (half marathons/marathons) because I can select the tag based upon the approximate distance I want to run, the various routes are displayed & I can pick one that sounds fun that day. It's also neat because I can add notations about where water fountains and restrooms are located....which is always good to know.

And yes, it's so cool to do "photo journaling" (IE Little Miss's first smile!). In a similar but less impressive vein, nail polish, much like paint, doesn't always look the same on your nails as it does in the bottle (can/swatch). I like to phone camera a picture of my nails with the colors that I like along with a notation of the brand/shade. (I know how shallow that makes me sound...) But just another expansion on photo journaling or maybe it's photo diaring?

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