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chrome (Archived) Chrome Web Clipper BETA

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Hi folks,

We have a new beta version of the Chrome Web Clipper for testing. It should have a few new items:

1) Renamed to Evernote Web Clipper

2) Enable Yandex, Baidu for simsearch

3) Bug fixes

4) versionCheck

5) Bing images simsearch fix

Get it here:


Please leave feedback with notes on your OS and browser version. Thanks.

(remember to re-install from Chrome Web Store once released to receive auto-updates...)

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- Selection clip. OK.

- Notes browser. OK.

- Article clip. Keyboard controls work. Still can't scroll page to see full extent of article clip.

- Full page clip. OK.

- Tested other article clips. Works at least as well as before.

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I'm using Chrome beta on Mac OS X, and the clipper works, but it still has the problem with clipping articles (it kind of hangs), unless I switch article selection to 'Disabled' or 'Enabled (no hints)'.

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