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android (Archived) Lost all notes after connecting android to laptop

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I have been an Evernote user on Android for about 5 months and yesterday I lost all of my notes.

It happened after connecting my android (myTouch 4g) to my Windows XP laptop via USB cable. The laptop does not have Evernote on it. After downloading some photos from the android gallery to PC, I needed to refer to a note in Evernote. Upon starting Evernote it reported: "Evernote requires SD card. The SD card is not accessible when the phone is connected to your PC". Fair enough.

However, when I disconnected the android from the laptop, then restarted Evernote I received this message dialog: "Evernote requires SD card. Preparing SD card". Upon clicking OK on that dialog Evernote exited. When I restarted Evernote all notes were gone. I now have zero notes. What the??? Is this a known bug?

Is there a way to recover these notes?

Thanks in advance for any help in getting my notes back.

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Somehow the database file is corrupted. This is seen on some phones with buggy sdcard. We are looking into this and would come up with a fix soon.

Your synced notes are not lost..they get synced with our server and could be seen from any client.

You can see them back on Android as well by logout and login again.



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