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ie (Archived) Non-JavaScript web clipper?

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The JavaScript web clipper is causing me a lot of grief in the webOS browser, but i found out that there's a url-based clipper action.

Unfortunately, it either gives me an error that the page i'm on cant be copied (every page!) or it takes me to the Evernote web interface.

What is the correct syntax for the url-based clipper? I've tried the following and they all fail:








Any ideas???

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You can sort of get this to work by adding in an actual URL and title to the last link in your list. I.e., change:

to, say:

But I'm not really sure that that solves your problem...


It's a very slow and dirty way of doing it, but now I'm able to clip in webOS where before I wasnt :-) Thank you.

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Well that's cool, a shot in the dark helped. :D

Maybe someone who really knows what's going on can put the cherry on top!

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