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paperless Random Question about Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner...

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Does anyone know if there is a settings somewhere to have it scan each page as a new document? I really wanna drop a pile of pages in there and have it create 50 pdfs in evernote, as opposed to just creating 1 with 50 pages. Feeding 1 in, waiting for it to scan, and then another, is somewhat painful...


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You might find the ScanSnap Community helpful.

For instance, the ScanSnap Organizer video (3rd from left) shows how multiple documents are scanned and filed.


The drawback with this method is the amount of work you need to do in the ScanSnap Organizer first and then move it to Evernote.

I would not feel comfortable trying to match up 50 different scanned documents with 50 different files. I prefer to take them one at a time and side-step all the ScanSnap Organizer process. I send my scanned PDF's directly to Evernote, edit the title, add tags, throw the paper into the shredder and move on to the next document to scan. (which is what you are trying to avoid).

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