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android (Archived) Evernote Widget Question

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richiewrt    0

Ok, I have multiple notebooks set up and they all show up on the desktop widget. Is there a way to select which notebooks will show the most recent notes on the larger evernote widget?

For example I have 2 notebooks one is "Stuff to do at home" which I only need at home, but may occasionally wish to check out while I am mobile. I also have another notebook "Stuff to do while mobile" that i obviously want to show up on the phone.

Basically I just want the widget to show notes from the "mobile" notebook, but I still want all the notes in the full app if I open it.

hope that makes sense.

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pushbx    0

I second this feature. I keep multiple notebook and there are only certain ones I want displayed in the 4x2 widget (The to-do list stuff). Right now, all my notes show up in the widget which makes it hard to filter through. Please add the ability to select which notebook shows up in the preview panels in the 4x2 widget.

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