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paperless Fujitsu ScanSnap 1300 vs Canon P-150

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You know you're a nerd when....

I recently received a bit of cash from my family as it's my birthday. Did I spend the cash on a new golf club or something really exciting? Well, if you ask my family - no. If you ask me though, the Fujitsu 1300 was the best purchase I could have made.

Just ordered one through Amazon.ca as I live in Canada and they seemed to have the best price. Hopefully the reviews live up to what I've read on this forum. Can't wait to start going paperless :D


Just found out the shipping time for Amazon is like 3 weeks so I cancelled my order. Upon doing so I came across some info on the Canon P-150. Any EN users have a preference between these two devices?

Edit # 2

Just discovered the Canon comes with 2 USB chords only and the AC adapter is $35 to add later. Fujitsu it is.

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