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mac (Archived) Getting a note's link programmatically through AppleScript

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My scenario is the following:

1. I am in a note A

2. I invoke a script that would automatically create a Note B

3. Link note B to note A

4. Link note A to note B

This would essentially allow me to create notes from within Notes, keeping track of the relationships (like in Voodoopad, for instance) to have a wiki like environment. Now, with the ability to link notes to each other this becomes possible. Looking at the AppleScript library for Evernote, I do not see a unique note ID as a Note property. Am I missing something?


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Hello, kindred spirit. There's a little thread on this in the developer's forum:


I put in a little hacky workaround if you've got the note you want to link selected in the UI.

- Barry

Thank you very much, Barry! I have some thoughts on this one and will post them as a reply to your post as well as start posting more "development" related post on the proper forum.

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