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Setting up GTD - Hiding tagged notes

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Hi All -

I have been a long time paper based GTD user and have failed on a few occasions to get an electronic version of GTD to work for me. I have iPhone and Mac and it seems to be going pretty well. I just have one issue... I have a lot of hope that ever note is going to work.

SO i import a note... for the examples sake lets say its

"Take out the trash"

In my system i have one notebook, with what i will call a tag bank... that would be tagged:

Next Action - @Home

Great...no problems there. Now its worth noting that i do have a tag that is "inbox" right now, its redundant, but i kind of like having a one click in box.

Here is where I have run into a problem... Any new note goes into the "GTD" notebook (which is the only one) to be processed. The problem is once i tag it, it still shows up there....So then i have to try and figure out what has been tagged and what hasn't... and then i start to not trust it because there is 100's of notes there and soon to be 1000's with my reference materials once that builds momentum. i can sort by the days, but what i really want is more like the Outlook filing system that once you move it to the "file" which in my system is a "tag".... its out of my sight.

Help please

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My solution for now was to create another notebook labeled "tagged" and keep the GTD notebook as the default. Once i tag it, i move it to tagged... its an additional step i don't particularly care for... but it get them out of my face to keep the mental ram clear...which is kind of the point of GTD.

If someone has an idea that you think would be better....that would be awesome. Thanks


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You can use a search term of "tag:*" to find all tagged notes. Similarly, "-tag:*" will find all untagged notes.

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