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ios How to copy evernote location info to google maps ?

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Hi All

When I follow my sales staff visit the customer , I use evernote to write a note , title today visit ABC COY.

Next time when I want to go to ABC COY by myself , I go to evernote , I can find the alltitbue and longtittitube information.

May I know how can i transfer to google map , so that I can use google map to bring me there.

Hope some one can share with me.

Right now I need to manually copy the gps data to google map which is very trouble some.


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Sorry, my reply may be too late for you, but I think this should be helpful to your question.  

You may be interested in reading 

Geolocation for Contacts for sales man. (Suggestion)

I suggest you to consider Evernote 3rd party iOS APP if you have iPhone

that you just need to know the addresses of your customers and have customers map as well as navigation routing easily. 

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