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(Archived) Questions on using EN for student portfolios

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I'm a high school chemistry teacher thinking about next year's student portfolios and whether EN would fill the need.

I have 125 students. Their portfolios will consist of two parts: 1. A collection of artifacts with comments and tags. 2. A presentation of selected artifacts publicly viewable.

As a premium user myself I appreciate EN's collection strengths but have some questions about managing this. I'm thinking of setting up a premium account for myself and free accounts for each student. I'll then set up a shared notebook for each student.

Is there a better way of setting this up?

Also, I'm aware of the limitations of linking to notes and cannot think of an easy way to have students select notes for presentation. Any suggestions?

An alternative to EN for this is GoogleApps. There is plenty of documentation how to set this up with Google Sites, Google Blogger, and Google Docs, but none for EN. If anybody out there is using EN for student portfolios (both working or storage portfolios and presentation portfolios) I'd appreciate some advice.

Thanks in advance.

Edited 6/15/2011

I read an announcement today about linked notes now possible. This seals the deal. Having students set up a public notebook with links to selected notes will make it easier to publish their ?presentation portfolio". Awesome.

I'm anticipating one problem about linked notes that I'll start a new thread about (Linking to notes in a shared notebook).

Tim Watters

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