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mac (Archived) displaying issue on evernote for MAC - bug report

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I'm using Version 2.1.1 (146398)

When clipping a pdf file out of safari, the note appears in my general notebook, say "general". then i change it to a different one, say "test1".

Now when I am going to my "test1", on the left the correct number of notes in the notebook is shown in the brackets.

Unfortunately, in the list view this does not happen. The list view still shows a number of notes (n-1) and therefore behaves like nothing has been added.

I checked and rechecked this. The note appears in the category "all notebooks" but it does not in the "test1". I restarted the pc and restarted the application. What is strange, is that online on evernote.com the note appears also in "test1".

This must be a serious bug!

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