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mac (Archived) Keyboard shortcuts to switch from note details to note list

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Hey guys,

Are there any keyboard shortcuts to switch from the note detail view to the notes list / tags list / notebooks list? And then a shortcut to switch back to the note?


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Yep, I've seen that list, but there is no shortcut to switch between the list and the details. I thought maybe there is some undocumented one.

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I don't have a Mac. These window tips might help.


Left Panel (Notebooks, etc.)

Note List (titles)

Note Panel (individual note)

If you are positioned inside the text of a note (in the note panel), pressing F2 will move you to the note title.

Press enter to return to the note itself.

Tab will cycle through 4 major areas

Search entry box

Note List (highlighted note does not initially show up until you move up or down)

Note Panel

Left Panel

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I don't have a Mac. These window tips might help.

Thanks for the help and suggestions jbenson2.

Unfortunately, very few, if any, of the EN Win shortcuts work exactly the same in EN Mac.

For many of the EN Win shortcuts, you can substitute the Mac CMD key for the Win CTRL key.

But, AFAIK, NONE of the function keys work on EN Mac, including your favorite, F6.

Also sorely missed are F10, F11, and Shift-F11.

For details of missing EN Mac features, please see: viewtopic.php?p=112377#p112377

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To move from list view to edit note view


press Cmd-L


To move from editing a note back to the list, there's more than one way to take, depending on what you want: 

  • Cmd-Alt-2  takes you to the notebook view,  just after that Cmd-Alt-1  takes you back to the list. However, you'll lose any filtering you've done before looking on a note in detail. 


  • From editing a note, press Cmd-F, that will take you to the global search window with its content preserved. Press Enter and you'll be right back in your previously filtered note list. 

I hope this helps

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If I'm in the note list, I've found that hitting Cmd+Shift+I to bring up the Note Info and then hitting it again to hide it, will sometimes drop you back in the note list.

Can't guarantee it will always work.


Another option may be to use the Expanded Card View.  Move around with the arrow keys in the Note List.  Hit Enter to open a note in a separate window.  Cmd+W to close the note.

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