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android (Archived) Unable to move entry to different notebook

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I occasionally goof, or I didn't intend to place an entry in the default notebook, or I simply change my mind and want to move an entry to another notebook. For some reason I can't reassign an item from within my HTC EVO, It seems intuitive to simply edit the entry and pick another notebook, but after numerous attempts, it does not work.

Any insights?



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I can't reproduce the issue. You should be able to change notebook when edit the note by click the notebook icon from the upper righthand corner. After saving and syncing, can you check the note info from the android client to see if the note gets moved to the new notebook.

If not, do it right away to home screen and click menu\setting to send us the log. ( android-preview@evernote.com )

We can check it from there.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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