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mac (Archived) Using key combo to 'exclude' a tag during a search

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Obviously, one can do a quick (inclusive) search, by command-clicking the notebook/s and tag/s to be included in the left hand column.

Is there a modifier key that can be used to 'exclude' a particular tag as well.

e.g. select Notebook A, and tags D and E, but exclude tag Q in the search, where tag Q is an 'Archived' tag.

If not, can it be implemented please?


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I assume it is the same in the Mac.

In Windows, just use a negative tag in the search field.



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Had already thought of that - just that some of the tags can get a little long, and was hoping to see if there was a simple 'modifier'-click option instead.

Just to confirm, it is a Mac version I am referring to, though no doubt a Win option for this would be useful too.

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I used to use very descriptive and long tag names.

Nowadays I try to streamline all my tags and make them as short as possible but still retain some sort of sense. I usually add a dash between words to eliminate the need for quotes. Using this sort of format, I can easily see all the companies I deal with just by typing com-* into the search field.


Com-IBM, Com-Allstate, Com-Target

Close family members

Fam-JLB, Fam-DLB, Fam-BEB, Farm-PBB, Fam-WPB


Per-Yard, Per-Car, Per-Neighbor, Per-Gift

Previous Employers

Job-Abc, Job-Def, Job-Ghi

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