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mac (Archived) Desktop to Web Sync not working

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I have been having problems with notes created on the desktop not syncing to the web. To be precise, the header (title, date, etc) sync, but not the content. I just completely removed Evernote from my computer (OS X 10.6.4) and downloaded and reinstalled (version 1.11.0 (99371)). The initial sync pulled down all of my notes from the web, but creating a "test" note exhibited the same failure to sync content.

These were the steps that I followed:

- In desktop app, create a new note with title "Test Note"

- In the body of the note, I typed "Test to see if syncing to web works."

- I clicked the "Sync" button in the toolbar

- Evernote told me that the note was synced

- I logged in to the web

- The note was there (title), but the content is not

I submitted a support request, case 130061.

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