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Gary Wong

Moving database to a new hard drive

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In Mac v7.14, what's the simplest way to move my current EN database to a new SSD drive?

If I uninstall and re-install, can I change the storage location to the SSD?

I have ~22,000 notes in a 35GB file size.


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If you want to replace your current SSD: You could try to move the database using finder, but this is risky. I never did it, and I am not sure it can be done without putting your local database at risk.

If you have no local notebooks (all notes synced to the server), the easiest way is probably to uninstall and reinstall, then make a full sync. For the uninstall use AppCleaner instead of the trash, because only by this the database will be removed as well. AppCleaner has a window to select the items to be deleted. Make sure you check all items (scroll down, there is more below the initial window), or the data will stay.

If you want to use an additional SSD: Maybe I am wrong, but I think EN can only install on the system disk drive - so you can’t probably move it to an additional SSD. If you want to move the database away from the system drive, you probably better ask support about this before uninstalling.

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