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Do You Think Evernote Will Survive & Thrive After The Crisis?

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With a lot of companies being hit hard already, do you think Evernote can maintain it's servers and updates with an (almost) exclusive remote workforce and keep all the employees?  Even little things like maintaining the webclipper (which is malfunctioning the last couple days).  Just curious if there's been any chatter. I know it's early.

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Servers are hosted by Google ...

And probably employees (especially those who have to focus on their work, like coders) work better at home than in an office cubicle (see „Dilbert“).

The WebClipper problem is rooted in the need to support several browsers on several OS-platforms. As browsers evolve, the WebClipper dev has to keep up permanently. This will be an ongoing challenge.

Summary: The question posted is among the least worries these days.

Stay healthy ! Stay productive ! Care for others !

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8 hours ago, bill77 said:

With a lot of companies being hit hard already, do you think Evernote can maintain it's servers and updates with an (almost) exclusive remote workforce and keep all the employees?

My first thought was we're going to discuss the latest "Evernote crisis"
I then realized this was a reference to the Covid-19 pandemic

As per @Pink Elephant, I don't think there is a significant to Evernote's survivability 
The servers and maintenance are outsourced and hosted at Google Services   
As for Evernote employees, this is one industry that flourishes with work-from-home   
(as a developer, I've spent years wfh)

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...What they said.  And we've had the discussion before about what will happen if Evernote just... stops...

Well -

  • everyone with a desktop app has a complete local copy of their database,  and can (probably) use the file as an import source for other apps; speaking of which
  • Evernote's small-nation size customer base will be a prime target for every surviving competitor out there (like it is now!).  If there's a way to populate a new app with Evernote data,  they'll offer it.
  • our experience with software company crashes has been (thankfully) minimal,  but there are usually sunsetting arrangements with a favoured beneficiary to hand user data on if the users wish and permit it.

And for the reasons mentioned above I'd imagine Evernote could operate pretty handily on a wfh basis - that won't be an issue.  NEO Asteroids now,  that could be a problem...

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... and everybody tells it would be the END, the final DATA CRUNCH or whatever.

This would not be typical - even if the current business model would be phased out, the customer base (we ...) is much to valuable to let it go. Usually there is a take over, fresh  money injected, readjustment of the business model etc. Maybe not the best thing on a long term, but manageable in between.

And still all this is hypothetically - I do not see the actual management burning resources, instead it seems they invest into the development of the current business. There are many things in the world with a better payoff to worry about - if one likes to worry. I prefer to live on the bright side 😎

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