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Evernote Windows App I can see notes but they appear blank or empty when opened.

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I have no Idea if there has been an update recently however my evernote windows app is displaying my notes as empty.

For example when I open evernote for windows I can see all my note books & notes listed but when clicked on the notes are blank & there is no way to add new text/images/details to the notes.

I have logged out & back in, I have restarted my laptop & no change. I also logged into evernote online & can see all my notes & the details. I can also access them on my iPad without issues. I just can't access them in my app for windows. 

I'm not sure if there's an app issue & I just need to wait for an update, but I love taking notes as I'm studying at the moment & couldn't use it for lecture notes.



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I am having the same problem.  I cannot view notes on the desktop apps on my Windows PC, but I can on my iPhone and iPads.  

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Video acceleration issue?

In Options, General page, try turning off 'Enable Hardware Acceleration'.

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