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geeknote api key

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I sent a request to activate a developer api token last week through the web forms and another one this morning.  I have not heard back from developer support.  I want to get a key to use the GeekNote app for command line access to evernote.   From what I can see on thewebsite for the github fork of Geeknote, I need to request a developer token from evernote support.   The webpage last week said to expect a response within 24-48 hours.  Is there another wait to get in touch to get access to a developer token for geeknote for my account?  Thanks!


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Yes, issue a support ticket.

This here is a user forum, EN employees may come along, but do not necessarily take action.

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Ok, I guess that makes sense.  I thought the web form was a form of support ticket but never got a response.  Maybe using the general support ticket would be better than the forum.

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Yes, I was able to get in contact with support via chat and they approved the request within minutes.  Very helpful of them.  Thanks.


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Using geeknote is pretty straightforward and the documentation is very clear. The commands are a bit verbose, however. Given that the goal of Evernote is to help you capture information quickly, I set up some bash functions to make common use cases (create, find, show, edit) more accessible. I added these functions to my .bash_profile.

function gn { if [ "$1" ]; then geeknote create --content WRITE --title "$*" fi } function gf { if [ "$1" ]; then geeknote find --search "$*" fi } function gs { if [ "$1" ]; then geeknote show "$*" fi } function ge { if [ "$1" ]; then geeknote edit "$*" fi }

After adding these to your .bash_profile or .bashrc, you will need to source the file to make these functions available in the shell.
$source .bash_profile

Create a new note

When I want to quickly capture a note, I enter a command that looks like this:
$gn This is the Title of my Note
Geeknote will dump me into my editor so I can capture my notes. When I save and exit, geeknote will upload my new note to Evernote.

Finding notes

Since searching is faster than browsing (assuming you know what you are looking for), I can search for content like this:
$gf keyboard
and geeknote will give me a listing of all my notes that include the word keyboard. To show or edit one of these notes, I can use my gs or ge commands along with the index of the note I want to show or edit. Geeknote, by the way, supports markdown for formatting.

Upload content

Another trick lets you dump the contents of a (text) file into evernote:
geeknote --title "Note Title" --content filename.txt
Geeknote will upload the contents of filename.txt into a new note with the title Note Title.

Geeknote has a number of other features that will let you make use of tags and reminders. With shell integration tools, there are lots of cool things you could do to automatically add notes to Evernote or make information capture fast and fun. If you really just want to browse through your notes, or if using images is required, using the desktop, mobile, and web clients are better for those use cases.

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Thanks for those tips.  I'll give that a try and see how that works for me. 

Another trick I found was to use the companion program gnsync, I put this in my crontab

gnsync --path /home/stephen/texfiles --mask "*.tex" --logpath /home/stephen/gnlogs.log -t

That puts a synchronized directory that does a two-way sync with evernote every 5 minutes and keeps everything up to date so I can work on the files in evernote or on my linux desktop with vim.


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