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Convert Web Clipped Page Notes to Links

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I am using the Evernote Webclipper for Safari on iOS and macOS to store Web pages of interest in Evernote. So far,  so good.  


But: When using the Webclipper om iOS i haven't found a way to change the Clip Format and the Note is stored as whole page, which is not what i want.  When using the Web Clipper on macOs i can change the Clip-Format and it even remembers the change. 

Two questions: 

  1. Is there a way to change to the Clip Format of already stored Notes?
  2. How can i changed the default Clip Format for the Safari Plugin on iOS?


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  1. Open any browser on your device
  2. Tap the iOS sharing button or the Share option from the options menu on your Android device (usually indicated by three vertical dots).
  3. Select Evernote from the list of sharing options.

Once you've tapped Save, the web page is saved to Evernote in the background. You have the option of selecting a notebook to save the clipped note to in Evernote.

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