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Enabling 2-Step Verification Issue

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I had 2-Step Verification enabled and had to disable it just for a minute in order to switch to a different Authenticator App on my phone.

The problem is that I'm no longer able to enable the 2-Step Verification because the Evernote page wants to send a verification code to both my email address and also an SMS to my phone. Even though I entered my cell phone number, I've never received an SMS from Evernote. I tried this process several times.

That looks like a bug to me, because if I want to configure a authenticator app I shouldn't have to enter my phone number. Also the page shows "A verification code (via text message or an authenticator app)".  It states clearly one or the other, NOT BOTH!

Is this a bug on Evernote site? What's happening here?

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I'm a Evernote member since June 22nd, 2011. I also have been using 2-Step Verification for over a year without any issues.


I've never had my cell phone number configured in my account, and the 2-Step Verification always worked fine. This means when I first configured the 2-Step Verification, I wasn't asked to provide my cell phone number.

Why Evernote is now asking for both email and phone number verification?

How can I remove my phone number from my account?

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