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Monthly Allowance Limit issues

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Yesterday I got the exceeded monthly limit message. On investigation I found that my Account info stated that 60MB had been used yet my online account information stated that I had 95% remaining. So I updated my Evernote to 6.22.3 and this morning the new Evernote stated that more than 95% had been used. The Tools, Account info option stated, as it did yesterday, 60MB had been used but the online account info stated that I had 85% remaining indicating that I had used 10% since yesterday which is not possible since I had been locked out. I have attached a screenshot showing Evernote providing 3 different limit values for my account. Anyone know how this works? 

Evernote limit confusion.png

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I would like to, except I'm locked out. Now this morning the Web account info states that I now have 2.29Kb left which means that I have used over 51MB overnight which is impossible as I am prevented from uploading anything. Again, how does that work? Is this a way to force one to upgrade? If that's the case I'd rather find some other app which will be a pity

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Each time you modify a note, it will upload again. This counts against your limit as well, not only new notes. Maybe you modified something ?

From my experience, EN does not make Basic comfortable - it is meant as a try-out or a basic tool, as well as for sharing notes with people who do not have an account. But many users live with the restrictions, it is a decision you take yourself.

There is always a chance to go for Premium for just one month - as for access to support, saving notes through note history (runs for Basic as well, but can only be used with a paid account), or to get a one-time 10GB upload allowance (which Premium users have every month). Notes uploaded will be accessible even after the account is back to Basic. This is a lot of functions for the cost of one refill at Starbucks ...

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