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Is Losing Notes a Thing?

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I just lost 37 minutes worth of notes.

I am using Evernote on Evernote.com with their Beta Editor on my fully updated Windows 10 PC with the most current version of Google Chrome.

The notes were not long, but I worked hard on them. They also had about 3 screenshots. I didn't realize losing notes was a possibility so I did not save my screenshots to my PC.

I was taking notes on a video tutorial I was watching and clicking back and forth between Evernote.com and the other site on a different monitor.

I was connected to the internet the whole time since I was watching a video simultaneously.

Out of the blue, I look up and see my note is empty, labeled "Untitled" and was updated 37 minutes ago.

There is no note history, there is no undo, there is nothing in the trash. There is no note on my iOS devices. It's like 37 minutes was simply erased.

I started using this product because it suited my purposes very well and was even considering upgrading. However I can't even send an email support ticket as a free user and if I'm encountering such a horrendous bug as to erase notes I spent 37 minutes of my life creating, there is no way I'm gonna dish out any cash for this product.

So my question to the forums is:

Is this a thing? Will it happen all the time? Should I cut my losses?


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Hi, and welcome to the forums. It pays to look around a bit and see if your issue is already under discussion. For instance, see this other recent thread, and the advice offered there:


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