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Another Post for Windows Dark Mode


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They know about this already -- it's discussed here (which was linked from the original forum announcement): https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002061928?utm_campaign=dm&utm_medium=url+link&utm_source=discussion+forums. Short form:


When is dark mode coming to Windows and/or Evernote Web?

We don’t currently have a timeline to bring dark mode to Windows or Evernote Web. We’re currently focusing on performance improvements and feature parity in these clients before we make changes to the color theme.


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Evernote! You seriously need to add dark mode to windows. I as a costumer who happens to prefer the windows OS, feel unappreciated and overlooked especially, since dark mode is available on every other major OS. 

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I totally agree with you. I know that Evernote noticed they are not going to add dark mode for windows os. So I'm already transferring all my works to MS Onenote-supports dark mode with windows update-. But my premium subscription date due is April, 2020, I wish Evernote add dark mode since then. Because I've used Evernote quite well other than that.

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