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Keyboard shortcut keys For reminders


Nice to haves for keyboarding mavens:

An application-wide shortcut for toggling display of reminders in the views that support them (Snippet, Card, Thumbnail). This should expand or retract the reminder list at the top view lists. Ctrl+Alt+R anyone?

Editor shortcuts to Add, Clear, Mark as Done, Add/Change Reminder Date. Anyone's guess which specific shortcut keys are available.


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Side list viewer here so meh on the aforementioned views.  ;)

Rolled my own for reminder maintenance with PhraseExpress and mouse positions.

  • Alt+1 - Create reminder with date or mark existing reminder done
  • Alt+2 - Change reminder date
  • Alt+3 - Clear reminder

Sample of create/close below.  Did this a while back, not that hard actually, me doing it being the example therein.  



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