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Can't create a new Ticket

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I am at the support page in Firefox 70.0.1 (64-bits) on Windows 10. I opened the Evernote program and went to Help > Help & Learning. Since my account is from Brazil, the portuguese website was the one opened. I selected to open a new ticket, filled everything and the "Enviar" (Send) button is green, but if I click it nothing happens. Here's the print:



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Thanks for the screenshots and other details. You could try sending a personal message to Shane D, he seems to be the person in charge of fixing the ticketing system. To message him, go to his profile and use the "Message" button. Include a link back to this original post.

Hope he can help you!

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Maybe try another browser. FF is ramping up security, which sometimes creates problems in handshakes between web servers. The EN server will probably check if you are allowed to issue a support ticket. If this exchange of information in the background goes wrong, they will not allow the ticket to be send.

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