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Images sized down on Mac returned to original size on Android.

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I manually resized images copied into a note on Mac and they all automatically display in full size on Android.


Do I have to actually modify and save the images to keep them small?

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Hi.  Evernote doesn't retain note layout between devices - there's no point;  the screen sizes are different even if the operating systems are not.  You can control layout to an extent with tables,  but if it is important to you,  then it's best to include images in PDF or word processor files and attach those files to notes.

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EN keeps the original image file if you do edits to it.

To size an image down, you have to export it into an app that can do this, resize it and reload it into EN. To make this effective, you then have to delete the original image file in the note and resync.

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15 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

To size an image down

I think we're talking about display size instead of actual photo size

I use a table to limit my image displays

The size is preserved between my Mac and iPad

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There are two ways to see it:

- Preserve the original file, just compress the view of it.

- Compress the original file

Since many files come today in sizes that are much larger than needed, compressing the real thing can be something you really want to do. Especially if you run on BASIC - I would reach the monthly limit by uploading only 20 fotos taken with my iPhone in full resolution. You need that sort of resolution only if you want to make a pretty large print of the pic (I mean, A2 or even larger). 

If you only compress the view, this will not help you with the upload barrier.

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