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Akreet, A Mind Mappers Tool For Evernotes

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Dear Evernote Developer Community,

Akreet, Inc would like to announce its release of a Mind Mapping Tool for your Evernotes.

We are interested in the Evernote Communities feedback on this beta version of our product and are hoping to incorporate such feedback into the product with an eye towards a final  production release.

We are hoping the product speaks for itself. Instead of describing the product we would like to share a mind map of the Akreet product built entirely with the Akreet product.


Below you will find an intro youtube video providing an overview of the Akreet Product.



Below is a link to the first Akreet Mind Map which itself describes the Akreet Product.



Below is a link to the beta.akreet.net website where you can login and try our product, as well as find more videos about the product.



We look forward to the Evernote Developer Communities feedback and hope you enjoy the Akreet experience.


Akreet Team

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Hi.  Didn't this happen a couple of years ago?  

...and the last post from @TK0047 then included the question 


Nonetheless, I see that the last post was August 2017, have there been any further improvements since then? Has anybody been using it? What is the latest on this basically?


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17 hours ago, Akreet Support said:

Hello gazumped Akreet was completely re-architected. The new version is more focused on the mind mapping experience. Please review the video when you get a chance as it more clearly illustrates how the product now focuses on mind mapping.


Thank You,

Akreet Team


Thanks for the response,  and I now have the bare bones of Akreet from the video - maybe it's my slow brain or lack of experience with the app,  but I still think the video suffers from the complaint raised in the initial thread on this: there's no voice-over,  no supporting text - it's a series of shiny things with captions flashed on the screen in short order.  I still have no idea how I could actually use the app to join together a series of notes in a presentation like the vet example in the video,  or to help me curate my existing notes and gain more value from the data I already have. 

I don't see any mention of the business side either - nothing on costings or security.  I do wish you luck and success but your final tag is "The possibilities are endless" - for me there are too many unknowns for the moment. 

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