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How do I get rid of the extra space between lines within the note itself?

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If I paste text from microsoft word or elsewhere the note will add spaces between the lines. I'm usually able to get rid of it by pasting the note in the browser search bar, copying it from there and then pasting it again. But it's annoying since it gets rid of all the line and paragraph breaks so I have to do it manually. Is there a way to get rid of the line separations without having to do that?

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Sometimes this kind of thing can be fixed with paste-and-match-style (Ctrl+Shift+V), or simplify formatting (Ctrl+Space), or remove formatting (Ctrl+Shift+Space). But some of these will remove desired formatting, such as italics or URL links. But sometimes there is HTML formatting that just won't leave. I don't necessarily see this happening myself. Is it possible that something in the formatting of the Word document(s) may be causing it? You say "or elsewhere": can you be more specific? Websites for instance? There's always going to be underlying HTML formatting there, which can be very hard to remove, except by going through Notepad or another plain-text editor (using the browser search bar is admirably clever).

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