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Scrolling problem on note with attachements

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Hello everyone.
I've searched and seen there is an old thread without solution about this issue. On some Mac the notes with images are painfull slow to scroll.
I've bought a new 2019 MacBook Pro which shows this problem, while my old 2013 MacBook Air run smoothly.

I've read about high resolution or something so, but I don't see any usefull option. Can you help me?

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I've noticed an occasional memory problem on my Mac.  This is visible with the Activity Monitor utility.

A reboot fixes it..

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Unfortunately the Mac isn't a problem (the CPU and RAM aren't minimaly touched by the Evernote process: 90% free CPU and 13GB free of RAM). It's exclusively within the software that I see the problem.
The Mac has few days of life so it's clean installation and I've notice it from the very begining. The problem is with the note that has images, while my Air 13" is very smooth with scrolling.

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Just to do un update.

it’s a know bug, but not prioritised. I’m not happy with that, hope they’ll hurry with because the scrolling is part of the problem: the processing to zoom pictures don’t work too.

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