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Sketches/handwritten notes turned into image-file

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I started using a 2019 iPad mini to take notes using Apple pencil a few weeks ago. In the last couple days I found that Evernote turns some of them into image-files, whch cannot be edited any further - in todays instance it took less than 1hour for it to happen since the last edit. Since I‘m mostly managing a to-do list and/or document progress on different tasks at work, this „bug“ makes the feature pretty much useless for me. which s a shame, because I‘ve grown quiet fond of it, when it worked.

I am clueless as to why or how it happens, anybody have the same problem and/or can offer a solution?

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I have the same issue. New iPad Pro 11”. Evernote for iOS latest version, currently  8.22.

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Was this bug fixed??? It happened to me as well on my new iPad air.

I deleted to app, power off, and reinstalled. I can now edit the sketch.


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