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Web clipper and Catalina

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Started using Catalina Beta and my Web clipper icon has vanished from Safari 13.  Tried to find it on Apple Safari extensions and Evernote site.  On the evernote site when I click on get clipper it takes back to the Apple site.  Tried apple App Store as well.  Where can I get it?



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We have a very active beta community right now. It started at iOS, beta 13, and now it is Mac's turn ...

The current releases of EN seem to have trouble with the new Apple OS betas. One has to remember that the devs at EN are not running far in front of the public beta users. So the apps betas will probably less stable than the OS betas.

If interested in ENs own beta program, this ist the link. They have announced they will have to control the number of participants, and that some programs will be closed for new participants. So good luck to you:



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You might want to put a rush on that. Today all my macOS running 10.14 (Mojave) auto-installed Safari 13.

So currently Evernote has no web clipper for any up-to-date macOS machine!


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