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Marcus Ng

New features to align the international version with China version, such as mind mapping, sticky note, GTD build in notebook

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Hi, it appear that Evernote China has implemented a lot of new features lately, such as mind mapping capability, sticky note on window, build in to-do notebook structure...etc.

Can i know what is plan for Evernote international version, will it consider to have similar features?

Honestly am thinking of switching to China version.

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These are not 2 releases of the same thing, these are 2 different companies, running apps that came from on source, far back, before they split up.

Thus there is no "international" version of EN. There is just one version of EN.

And there is the Chinese offspring, completely on its own. They seem to be quite active, which is good.

Feel free to switch over there, but it is a different entity. Cloud storage will be on Chinese servers. State security will sure look after your backups ...

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