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Kelvin Prescott

Stuck in support/account locked doom loop

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I am stuck in an account locked doom loop that is preventing me from raising a ticket on my Evernote Premium account. Can anyone advise if there is a telephone/human support contact I can reach to help me?

My problem is that the registered email for my premium account is no longer accessible to me; but for some reason my account has been locked. The only way to unlock it is to use the online password reset functionality - which send a reset link to an email account that doesn't work. I can still access my evernote account from my phone, but I am now very worried that I will be locked out entirely and left unable to access the last 8 years worth of my notes.

I have tried to raise a trouble ticket online, but of course I have to be logged into a premium account to do this. Which I can't do because my account is locked.

And so, I am stuck in a doom loop. Any ideas?


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Hi.  Getting help should be straightforward - Evernote Support (we're mainly other users here) are contactable at https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new - there's a 'continue as a guest' option if your premium account login is not accessible to you.

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... or check for other options on the start page of this forum, in the „Announcements“ box.

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@Kelvin Prescott I am having the exact same issue, have you found a solution yet?

@gazumped The problem with that is if you do not have a premium account Evernote does not allow you to contact the support team directly, but only allows you to use the forums to get your question answered.  My locked out account HAS premium already I am not going to purchase another premium account just to get into my first premium account.

@PinkElephant Can you be a little more specific, your answer is pretty vague and confusing.  I know you know what you mean but it is not translating well to Kelvin or I.

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On 7/15/2019 at 2:55 AM, jared.g.viernes said:

My locked out account HAS premium already

Hi.  Not my first rodeo - try the 'as a guest' option on the Support page,  or Twitter.  If you can get to a ticket number,  we can flag up your query for a member of staff to look at.  Whilst we other users can offer suggestions for the best course of action,  we just don't have the access to help directly in this case.

...and @PinkElephant was probably referring to this sort of thing- 






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